Follow your heart...

I told Jenny about following your heart and looking for God's signs in all that you do.  You may find a heart or two in my paintings.  Here are some of the signs we have discovered along our Faith Journey:
A puddle of rain makes a heart on my sister, Teresa's, driveway. 
Only Jenny could see it because she is lower to the ground than I am!
While planning my grandmother's memorial for Hospice,
I was enjoying some watermellon (one of my grandmother's favorite foods).
Of course, I dripped some on my formed this heart.

Jenny was playing on the playground at school and came across this unusual wood chip.
She gave it to me for Valentine's Day.

One morning, as we are getting in our car, a Hawk swoops down
and lands on the grass right in front of us.
Jenny has named "our" hawk, Harmony.
Then, Harmony Hawk lays down on our yard as if sun bathing.
Her wings are spread wide as if receiving God's love.
Then she gets up and flies back up to our trees.
As I am getting ready for work, I am planning what "extra" things I can do for good causes.
When I go to put lotion on, this is what comes out of the lotion bottle.
On vacation in Lake Tahoe, Jenny urgently calls for me to come see a rock.
It only looks like a heart when you see it from Jenny's angle!