Saturday, July 7, 2012


The woman in this painting is "Awake" in mind, body and spirit as she greets the day.

"Awake" - poem under "Lifting You Up" poetry series,

Scene - Hawaii (with a special thanks to my friend who shares her wonderful photographs with me).

Yoga Series: Tree Pose
This painting features the yoga "Tree Pose" with outstretched arms. It represents the need for maintaining balance in our lives. Using our focus techniques, we can travel to the beaches of Hawaii on our own meditative vacation. The noon sun makes us feel alive and "Awake!" We are refreshed and ready to face the day with all it holds for us.

Waiting Quietly

The woman in this painting finds peace in her time of reflection.

Poem, "Waiting Quietly" found under My Songs of Comfort Series Poems:

Yoga Series: Yoga Studio
By putting yoga into our everyday lives, we learn to appreciate something as simple as "Waiting Quietly." The woman holding this yoga sitting posture is at ease in her flexibility. Her mind is free to let thoughts drift in and out as she reflects on her day. As she enjoys the quiet moment, her thinking sends images from home which now appear in the yoga studio with her, surrounding her in comfort.

Renew Within

The woman in this painting is finding renewed strength in the peaceful mountain setting.

Poem can be found under my "Lifting You Up" poetry series:

Yoga Series: Child's Pose
This restful pose (Child’s Pose) reminds us the importance of renewing ourselves from the inside out. Our yoga music takes us to the NC mountains near a restful waterfall where we hear the birds soar. We can invision the morning sun rising again through the mist to reset our day. By first giving in to the need for rest, we trust that our respite will give us new strength.

Flying Angel

This couple is lifted in not only love, but in friendship.  They draw strength by depending on one another and totally trusting in their partner.  All things are possible when they work together, even flying.  He sees her as an angel, and she gives herself over to him.  God (the sun) smiles at their union and the bird soars above like a herald, celebrating in their joy.

This painting was for another poem written for my husband and is part of My Family Series:

Joined by God

The couple in this painting, Joined by God, puts their trust in each other.  God is the sun, filling their hearts with love.  The simple joy of holding hands brings them comfort to each other.  The bird rises from between them as their spirits are united as one.

Poem was written for my husband is part of My Family Series:

Love Heart

Celebrating their love, this couple's bond creates the "love heart" that is at the very center of their relationship.  "...and the greatest of these is love."

When Jenny was little, she drew a picture of the family and then drew a big heart around it.  She called it a "Love Heart." 

This painting was for another poem written for my husband and is part of My Family Series:

Let Go

This painting, also for my poetry series, is about letting go of all the things that weigh you down and letting your inner spirit guide you.  You are then lifted closer to God (the sun) as you leave your burdens behind.  You are supported by His promise (the rainbow) and watched over by His flock (the birds).  Ordinary people who help you achieve this new state of being become your guardian angels.  They support you on your journey as you follow your heart (the clouds).

Poem is part of my Songs of Comfort series:

Baptized by Tears

The woman in this painting draws strength from the water (her "baptism") to face the dawn of a new day.  Like the "warrior pose" she displays, she must be brave and strong for whatever her new future brings. Using her tears (the water) as her stepping stones to rise with a fresh spirit onto solid ground.  God (the sun) is her strength as He sends His flock of angels (the birds) to rally around her.  The heart cloud points out her new direction...forward.

Poem is part of my Songs of Comfort Series: