Friday, May 25, 2012

At Peace (Oleander Memorial Gardens)

Inspiration: This painting was created for a friend of mine who finds comfort in "visiting" with her husband "at peace" in his final resting place. I completed it in time for Memorial Day weekend when I dedicated it "to all our loved ones."

Scene: I have many relatives who now reside at Oleander Memorial Gardens; my grandmother is among them. She always wanted a simple white cross, with nothing on it, to mark her place, so I made one for her overlooking the water. Next to my grandmother’s cross is a cross for my friend’s mother (with a purple cloth). She passed away two months after my grandmother. The purple cloth is to symbolize her service to the church. Yellow roses have been placed, in friendship, beside her. The third cross is for my friend’s husband and has wedding rings on it to show their continued bond. I also added a bench for my friend to sit on as she talks to her husband. Honoring him as a Veteran, I have placed an American Flag nearby as well as a red roses that grow wild, in celebration of their anniversary. The swan in the foreground is the angel assigned to watch over those who rest and to guide those who come to visit.

Poem: "I talk to you softly" - This poem demonstrates the power of love as it transcends the physical boundaries placed between two souls. We are always connected to each other, and we are always there to give comfort.

Angels Series - I have included this painting and poem in my Angels Series for Lower Cape Fear Hospice Foundation.