Monday, February 20, 2012

Restless Wonderings

This painting represents a state of thought between dreaming and being awake.  Your mind wonders and random thoughts come and go. 

Scene:  There is a dream catcher hanging from the tree in the center of the painting to capture the good dreams and filter out the bad.  The sun in the mirror is God's relection into our dreams.  Waters of life flow upwards toward him and vines grow new life from him.  Two fish float freely as symbols of God's promise to provide.  The lifeless moon grows spruce trees (like Christmas trees) as a symbol of healing through thought and new realizations.  The swan represents pure spirit, peace and tranquility.  The window pane on the ground hosts snowflakes, celebrating the individuality of the human spirit (even through "pain").  The sandollar holds within it the miracle of Christ.  The starfish is Divine love.  The rainbow is set as a path to follow.  Crystal rocks reflect the light of the Spirit.  Balls of light float in the water of life as the inner Spirit is set free to go in its own direction.  The tree of life sprouts clouds from the heavens as it it nourished by His living waters.  The eye is straining to see because faith is not about seeing.  Saturn's rings are the circle of life and the transition of the ages.  The pyramid is the trinity intertwined with life.  The Earth rests before it.  God's kindom is life growing green across the sky.  A rectangular box floats like a mystery to be solved, your inner spirit trapped within waiting to be revealed.

What does it all mean?
You feel Him, yet you wonder.
Life’s mysteries abound.

Original poem for this painting is "Restless Wonderings" and is part of my Phoenix Rising Dream Series: