Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kaleidoscope Bubbles

This is another painting for my poetry series. The girl (Jenny) is blowing bubbles which turn into kaleidoscope designs.

Poem:  "The Kaleidoscope" was given to my daughter when she graduated college.  It is part of my Spirit of the Butterfly series:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heike's Windmill

Inspiration:  I was telling a friend of mine how I started a post card collection and would ask anyone traveling to send me a post card from their trip.  I would use the post cards to teach Jenny about places by going online and showing her things.  One of her favorites was a windmill which we were able to watch as it moved.  So, my friend sent me photos of the windmill from her hometown in Germany.  I painted this for her.

Scene:  Bremen Windmill,4.10,70.0.  The child in the painting is my friend when she was young.  Her little puppy dog follows her.

 Poem:  "Moved by the Spirit" is from my Faith Journey Series:  This poem explores the mystery of faith which is as intangible and unpredictable as the wind, yet just as powerful.  The faithful believe in and follow what they cannot see but only feel.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Water Fairy

Water Fairy

This is another painting for my poetry series. Jenny is the Water Fairy playing in the rain outside our house. I am watching from the window.

Poem:  "A Mother's Tears" was written for my daughter when she went off to college.  It is part of my Spirit of the butterfly Series:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Birth of an Angel

Birth of an Angel

Inspiration: This painting was created in memory of my grandmother, Atlanta King Taylor.

Scene: The house at the bottom is my grandmother’s house (where I grew up). Her church is to the left, and the field of crosses to the right represents all the people who passed on before her that will be waiting to greet her. The Angel is gently carrying the new born soul, of the soon to be angel, up to heaven. The City of Gold is made up of churches from around the world. God is the sun. The bird is the guardian angel released from its service as it flies back to Heaven.

Poem: "Birth of an Angel" - This poem celebrates the continuing life of a soul once released from its life on Earth:

Angels Series - Using this as my "signature" painting, I created the "Angels Series" as a memorial in my grandmother’s name. Donations collected are for Lower Cape Fear Hospice Foundation in her memory.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Angel Prayer

At our church, we light a candle to pray for our loved ones. (Jenny says she is the Angel in blue). God's light is shining through the doorway receiving our prayers.

"My Candle Prayer"
Keep him safely by your side
so he feels your love.
Fill him with the light
of your everlasting spirit.
Teach him to be
an angel in your service,
sharing your peace
with those he touches

Poem & painting are part of my "Angel's Series" and are for a fundraiser for Hospice in my Grandmother's name.