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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Angels in the Garden

This painting features the turtle sculpture that is part of the Heritage Garden at the Wilmington Hospice Care Center campus.  My mother donated and collected funds so that three memorial tiles could be placed under the turtle for my grandparents (Wilbur Jennings Taylor & Atlanta King Taylor) and another for my Uncle (Wilbur Jennings Taylor, Jr.). 

I have hidden seven angels in the painting.  To find them, read the hints from my poem "Angels in the Garden" on my "Angels Series" website:

Saturday, July 7, 2012


The woman in this painting is "Awake" in mind, body and spirit as she greets the day.

"Awake" - poem under "Lifting You Up" poetry series,

Scene - Hawaii (with a special thanks to my friend who shares her wonderful photographs with me).

Yoga Series: Tree Pose
This painting features the yoga "Tree Pose" with outstretched arms. It represents the need for maintaining balance in our lives. Using our focus techniques, we can travel to the beaches of Hawaii on our own meditative vacation. The noon sun makes us feel alive and "Awake!" We are refreshed and ready to face the day with all it holds for us.

Waiting Quietly

The woman in this painting finds peace in her time of reflection.

Poem, "Waiting Quietly" found under My Songs of Comfort Series Poems:

Yoga Series: Yoga Studio
By putting yoga into our everyday lives, we learn to appreciate something as simple as "Waiting Quietly." The woman holding this yoga sitting posture is at ease in her flexibility. Her mind is free to let thoughts drift in and out as she reflects on her day. As she enjoys the quiet moment, her thinking sends images from home which now appear in the yoga studio with her, surrounding her in comfort.

Renew Within

The woman in this painting is finding renewed strength in the peaceful mountain setting.

Poem can be found under my "Lifting You Up" poetry series:

Yoga Series: Child's Pose
This restful pose (Child’s Pose) reminds us the importance of renewing ourselves from the inside out. Our yoga music takes us to the NC mountains near a restful waterfall where we hear the birds soar. We can invision the morning sun rising again through the mist to reset our day. By first giving in to the need for rest, we trust that our respite will give us new strength.

Flying Angel

This couple is lifted in not only love, but in friendship.  They draw strength by depending on one another and totally trusting in their partner.  All things are possible when they work together, even flying.  He sees her as an angel, and she gives herself over to him.  God (the sun) smiles at their union and the bird soars above like a herald, celebrating in their joy.

This painting was for another poem written for my husband and is part of My Family Series:

Joined by God

The couple in this painting, Joined by God, puts their trust in each other.  God is the sun, filling their hearts with love.  The simple joy of holding hands brings them comfort to each other.  The bird rises from between them as their spirits are united as one.

Poem was written for my husband is part of My Family Series:

Love Heart

Celebrating their love, this couple's bond creates the "love heart" that is at the very center of their relationship.  "...and the greatest of these is love."

When Jenny was little, she drew a picture of the family and then drew a big heart around it.  She called it a "Love Heart." 

This painting was for another poem written for my husband and is part of My Family Series:

Let Go

This painting, also for my poetry series, is about letting go of all the things that weigh you down and letting your inner spirit guide you.  You are then lifted closer to God (the sun) as you leave your burdens behind.  You are supported by His promise (the rainbow) and watched over by His flock (the birds).  Ordinary people who help you achieve this new state of being become your guardian angels.  They support you on your journey as you follow your heart (the clouds).

Poem is part of my Songs of Comfort series:

Baptized by Tears

The woman in this painting draws strength from the water (her "baptism") to face the dawn of a new day.  Like the "warrior pose" she displays, she must be brave and strong for whatever her new future brings. Using her tears (the water) as her stepping stones to rise with a fresh spirit onto solid ground.  God (the sun) is her strength as He sends His flock of angels (the birds) to rally around her.  The heart cloud points out her new direction...forward.

Poem is part of my Songs of Comfort Series:

Monday, May 28, 2012


This painting is another for my poetry series.  A friend of mine asked me to paint it for her.  She spreads God's love by praying for those she comes across, even a homeless person she finds on the street.  My friend, however, sees her as an Angel.

Poem is under my "Lifting You Up" Series:

Yoga Series: Shavasana
This painting transforms the surroundings of the yoga student during "Shavasana." She is in a restful state under the compassionate care of her yoga teacher. By listening to the comforting sounds of the ocean, she finds total relaxation by imagining a peaceful sleep at the beach. Her burdens are lifted and she will awake with a change in heart and spirit.

Friday, May 25, 2012

At Peace (Oleander Memorial Gardens)

Inspiration: This painting was created for a friend of mine who finds comfort in "visiting" with her husband "at peace" in his final resting place. I completed it in time for Memorial Day weekend when I dedicated it "to all our loved ones."

Scene: I have many relatives who now reside at Oleander Memorial Gardens; my grandmother is among them. She always wanted a simple white cross, with nothing on it, to mark her place, so I made one for her overlooking the water. Next to my grandmother’s cross is a cross for my friend’s mother (with a purple cloth). She passed away two months after my grandmother. The purple cloth is to symbolize her service to the church. Yellow roses have been placed, in friendship, beside her. The third cross is for my friend’s husband and has wedding rings on it to show their continued bond. I also added a bench for my friend to sit on as she talks to her husband. Honoring him as a Veteran, I have placed an American Flag nearby as well as a red roses that grow wild, in celebration of their anniversary. The swan in the foreground is the angel assigned to watch over those who rest and to guide those who come to visit.

Poem: "I talk to you softly" - This poem demonstrates the power of love as it transcends the physical boundaries placed between two souls. We are always connected to each other, and we are always there to give comfort.

Angels Series - I have included this painting and poem in my Angels Series for Lower Cape Fear Hospice Foundation.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


This painting is for my "Faith Journey" poem.  The Seahawk is from a Hawk who flies around our neighborhood.  Jenny has named "our" Hawk, Harmony.  I like to think of Harmony as the spirit guide  for the little girl's faith journey she is taking.

"Faith Journey"
Follow your heart, wherever it leads.
The miracle is within you, waiting to be shared.
Your faith revealing God's eternal promise.

Yoga Series:  Mountain Pose
Strong, tall and unwavering, the "Mountain Pose" gives you both strength and harmony. Drawing from your inner strength gives you courage to face the mountains before you. With a calm, clear mind, you begin your journey and follow your heart...wherever it leads.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jenny's Room

This is a painting of Jenny in her room holding her baby doll, Elizabeth.  I painted it in time for a Mother's Day present to myself. In honor of Christina & Lana, Wolfie & Rameses have taken over Jenny's bed (just like her sisters try to do when they are home).   I added clouds for fun (Reynold won't let me really paint her walls).  I also added colorful flowers on a rug at her feet.  The rest of the room is pretty much like Jenny has it (when it's clean, that is).

This is part of my Spirit of the Butterfly Series and the poem, "One Day," details the emotions of a mother who knows the moments are precious as she savors each beautiful stage of her child's life.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Key West

Sunset cruise on a schooner in Key West.  This painting was done for friends of mine who sent me pictures and gave me post cards from their trip to Key West. 
I finally decided to use this painting with my poem "The Horizon."  This is the third painting to go with that poem.  I love the dramatic colors in this painting and the empty chairs on the beach.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter in Heaven

Scene:  Jesus is teaching the children in Heaven.  The river of life flows before them.  It is fed by the jar of tears (lower left) from the sorrows on earth, but in Heaven, each drop is transformed into a colorful fish. 

Poem:  "I am Your Child" from my Faith Journey Series:
A friend of mine had a dream about Jesus praising God.  It was so powerful but with an overwhelming sense of peace.

Monday, February 27, 2012


This painting was done for a friend of mine who shares her strong faith with all those she touches. She sees God's love in all the natural world around her...the stars, the clouds, the flowers and plants, the butterflies and birds, the sand on the beach, the powerful ocean or a summer storm. She lifts us up with her prayers and kindness.

Poem is "My Shooting Star" and is part of my "Lifting You Up" series:

Inspiration:  Poem was inspired by my friend's story of how she prayed for God's help.  He did not answer her in the way she thought He would, but His way was even better than she could have imagined.

Yoga Series: Namaste
Our practice teaches us to free ourselves from competition and to let go of things that hold us back. This allows us to open our hearts and connect with one another on another level. "Namaste" embodies the spirit of yoga to surrender oneself and let the world flow around you with trust and truth.

Monday, February 20, 2012


When Jenny was little, we would sometimes make sketches of our church (St. Mark's) during the mass.  In this painting, I made the walls blue like the sky and the floor green like the grass showing that God and nature are one.  The images in the stain glass windows illustrate how faith is part of your life as you grow.  I would use the scenes and other images to explain to Jenny the significance of those items in our faith.

Poem:  "Have Faith" is part of my Faith Journey Series:  I wrote this poem for a friend of mine to open at a retreat during their personal time of reflection.

Restless Wonderings

This painting represents a state of thought between dreaming and being awake.  Your mind wonders and random thoughts come and go. 

Scene:  There is a dream catcher hanging from the tree in the center of the painting to capture the good dreams and filter out the bad.  The sun in the mirror is God's relection into our dreams.  Waters of life flow upwards toward him and vines grow new life from him.  Two fish float freely as symbols of God's promise to provide.  The lifeless moon grows spruce trees (like Christmas trees) as a symbol of healing through thought and new realizations.  The swan represents pure spirit, peace and tranquility.  The window pane on the ground hosts snowflakes, celebrating the individuality of the human spirit (even through "pain").  The sandollar holds within it the miracle of Christ.  The starfish is Divine love.  The rainbow is set as a path to follow.  Crystal rocks reflect the light of the Spirit.  Balls of light float in the water of life as the inner Spirit is set free to go in its own direction.  The tree of life sprouts clouds from the heavens as it it nourished by His living waters.  The eye is straining to see because faith is not about seeing.  Saturn's rings are the circle of life and the transition of the ages.  The pyramid is the trinity intertwined with life.  The Earth rests before it.  God's kindom is life growing green across the sky.  A rectangular box floats like a mystery to be solved, your inner spirit trapped within waiting to be revealed.

What does it all mean?
You feel Him, yet you wonder.
Life’s mysteries abound.

Original poem for this painting is "Restless Wonderings" and is part of my Phoenix Rising Dream Series:


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kaleidoscope Bubbles

This is another painting for my poetry series. The girl (Jenny) is blowing bubbles which turn into kaleidoscope designs.

Poem:  "The Kaleidoscope" was given to my daughter when she graduated college.  It is part of my Spirit of the Butterfly series:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heike's Windmill

Inspiration:  I was telling a friend of mine how I started a post card collection and would ask anyone traveling to send me a post card from their trip.  I would use the post cards to teach Jenny about places by going online and showing her things.  One of her favorites was a windmill which we were able to watch as it moved.  So, my friend sent me photos of the windmill from her hometown in Germany.  I painted this for her.

Scene:  Bremen Windmill,4.10,70.0.  The child in the painting is my friend when she was young.  Her little puppy dog follows her.

 Poem:  "Moved by the Spirit" is from my Faith Journey Series:  This poem explores the mystery of faith which is as intangible and unpredictable as the wind, yet just as powerful.  The faithful believe in and follow what they cannot see but only feel.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Water Fairy

Water Fairy

This is another painting for my poetry series. Jenny is the Water Fairy playing in the rain outside our house. I am watching from the window.

Poem:  "A Mother's Tears" was written for my daughter when she went off to college.  It is part of my Spirit of the butterfly Series:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Birth of an Angel

Birth of an Angel

Inspiration: This painting was created in memory of my grandmother, Atlanta King Taylor.

Scene: The house at the bottom is my grandmother’s house (where I grew up). Her church is to the left, and the field of crosses to the right represents all the people who passed on before her that will be waiting to greet her. The Angel is gently carrying the new born soul, of the soon to be angel, up to heaven. The City of Gold is made up of churches from around the world. God is the sun. The bird is the guardian angel released from its service as it flies back to Heaven.

Poem: "Birth of an Angel" - This poem celebrates the continuing life of a soul once released from its life on Earth:

Angels Series - Using this as my "signature" painting, I created the "Angels Series" as a memorial in my grandmother’s name. Donations collected are for Lower Cape Fear Hospice Foundation in her memory.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Angel Prayer

At our church, we light a candle to pray for our loved ones. (Jenny says she is the Angel in blue). God's light is shining through the doorway receiving our prayers.

"My Candle Prayer"
Keep him safely by your side
so he feels your love.
Fill him with the light
of your everlasting spirit.
Teach him to be
an angel in your service,
sharing your peace
with those he touches

Poem & painting are part of my "Angel's Series" and are for a fundraiser for Hospice in my Grandmother's name.