Sunday, September 11, 2011


This is another painting for my poetry series. Jenny is the little girl who lost one of her balloons. The lighthouse was based off a post card a friend of mine sent me from her trip to Rhode Island.

Poem:  "Today" is from my Phoenix Rising Dream Series:

This poem is about personal growth. At first, the woman is "stuck" in her own sadness, but that is now "Yesterday." She eventually moves past that into "Today" where she is open to other thoughts beyond herself and her sadness. After being in that stage for a while, she begins to see that there is even more waiting for her in the "Tomorrow" phase. She is ready now to explore that next phase. She knows she is changing, for the better.

The woman has her back to her past…The rain, which was her tears, is now gone; The lost child holds the colorful balloons which are hope; The dust becomes the sand which now she can walk on to support her; The invisible air makes the boat sail into the future; The dark cave in the lower left springs forth flowers. The aimless feather moves toward God (the sun). The bird represents inner peace that the woman is trying to achieve.

The woman sits on a clay hilltop (clay because God is molding her). God is the sun. He is always there when we need him. We need only look up. The balloon floats up, (it is hope) reaching toward the sun (toward God). She feels God’s blinding warmth. She draws her strength from the ocean, like waters of baptism which "change" her. She faces the mountain - the obstacles in her life she must learn to overcome. The "mountain" is also a lighthouse, because she is beginning to see the light in spite of the things she now faces. It is a beacon leading to her future. The woman is watering the flowers (the seeds) and is now ready to "grow" herself. She knows she is at this crossroad in her life and is ready for that future. Her sitting is a sign of acceptance now; she no longer fights it like she did yesterday. She is at peace with herself. She can finally rest from this journey she has been on.