Thursday, August 25, 2011


Scene:  Hawaii, Jenny is the "Hula girl" in the lower right. I like my waterfall on the left. It's the first waterfall I've ever painted, and I thought it came out great.

Poem "The Promise" is part of my Spirit of the Butterfly series
The Promise is about two people who grow into a loving relationship. At first, their love is just a thought. They don’t know if it is real. They only know they are excited, like the feeling you get seeing that heart cloud in the sky. The heart is love. The clouds keep changing shape. You are uncertain if you even really saw it. Then the love grows, slowly. You have these feelings which are "transparent" because no one but you can see them. You have not expressed them yet. The next step is when you take that first chance. You tell the other person what you are feeling. That person tells you also what they are feeling. This forms a bond and fuses the two of you together. Next, you can’t help the joy that follows. You are giddy like the love in spring. Then, others see your love for each other. It stands tall because you can no longer hide it with just the two of you. It is still a mystery to you (like the purple mist). You can’t even believe it is happening. You want to be sure this is real. You keep asking the other person and they keep saying it is. The other person reflects back your feelings of love. Finally, you decide to commit to marriage. You are ready to give that ultimate promise, just like the promise God gives us with his rainbow. In this promise, you must fully commit yourself. To always share everything, to not hold back, to give yourself totally to that other person. It is such a powerful promise. It is a promise in front of God. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. The painting has heart clouds "like your heart suspended in air." You can even see those two heart clouds reflecting in the ocean below. The orange sunset which can’t be reached. The rainbow reflects on the ocean. The flowers are the Spring and the giddy feeling of love. The waterfall is the wonder which leads to the purple mist. Like the waters of baptism, you are becoming a new person. The two doves on the beach are the love birds. They are stating their vows to each other in front of all of God’s glory. Their promise, their rainbow (almost touching them) reflecting back God’s promise. The Hula girl is Jenny. She is the witness to all this love. The bird flying in the air is me. I am just taking in this beautiful event to I can go back and tell people with my squawking (but they do not understand my words because I am just a bird squawking).