Friday, August 12, 2011

Phoenix Rising

Inspiration: The Phoenix will rise in spite of everything thrown at him. Inner strength is gained from those very hardships. A person is changed by the events they experience. Positive things can come from the most difficult challenges.

Scene: The Phoenix is from the mythical bird who is reborn from the ashes. My Phoenix is purple to show that it is spiritual and royal. In my painting, the Phoenix is surrounded by various natural disasters (Hurricane, Water Spout, Tornado, Earthquake, Volcano, Fire, Tsunami, Flood). The Phoenix is able to absorb all this and grow stronger from it as we must learn to do. Finding God is difficult. He is the Sun which is represented by a Sun Dial because it takes time for us to heal. God is also the pillar of fire (showing his strength) on the left side sprouting from the water (like your baptism) and creating a rainbow (his promise to us and sign that he is there for us). The rainbow and sun are clouded because people have a very hard time finding God during their difficult times. But God is always there if we will only listen or look for him. Going through these difficult times with God is what makes us "born again" like the Phoenix. The colorful clouds at the top of the painting represent uncertainty. God has given us the choice of following him or not. Only we can decide our ultimate fate.

Poem: "Time Heals" - This poem was written to help a person who is in transition from the turmoil created from a difficult life event. By relying on one’s faith to rebuild and start again, that person can successfully achieve the balance they once had. The "reborn" self is stronger for having gotten through this difficulty.

"Time Heals"
Time heals with God’s help
if we will only listen.
Find the strength within.

Phoenix Rising Dream Series - This series was created to explore what your dreams inspire you to do. The Phoenix represents your ability to rise above so that you can not only achieve your goals, but then, in turn, use your experiences to help others through their own difficult times.