Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life's Journey

This painting was created to celebrate new life and the journey that begins life’s never ending cycle. The focus of the painting is the woman in a yoga pose (Prayer Pose) bringing inner peace through appreciation of the natural world that surrounds her. The background is set in Fort Fisher and features newly hatched turtles at the start of their journey to the sea. They are going to greet "Jenny" little mermaid girl who eagerly awaits their magical transition.

For my painting, I thought Yoga represented this Life Journey well because Yoga is about getting in touch with your own body and paying attention to it. Being pregnant makes you feel so much more of all the nature around you. The trees & the sea oats show the winds of change blowing through them. God’s sun is shining on you, blessing you. You see life everywhere…the new turtles just hatched, the birds, the tiny crabs. You have a more keen sense of awareness for all this life. The whirlpool in the bottom center of the painting is the movement you feel from your baby. Just like Yoga, you must stay calm and remember to breathe through your pain as you deliver. Taking your mind to where you are most refreshed, like the beach. The mermaid is the "magic" of it all and the final result of this beautiful event. She is my miracle child, Jenny.

Poem:  "Life's Journey" is part of my "Spirit of the Butterfly" series:

This poem is about my feelings when I was pregnant. Just that feeling knowing there is a baby inside you is so exciting. At first, you can hardly feel her moving and have to be so still and concentrate. You know there is great change coming and you must prepare for it. When you see that first hiccup coming from your belly, it is so amazing. Then seeing her twist and move is so wonderful. When it is time to deliver, you have to focus and really work to calm yourself. Hearing her first sound is something you just never forget. To see her screaming with her little hands in the air, you just want to hold her. Once she is calm and sleeping, you just want to stay awake and look at her. You can feel that connection even though she is no longer inside you.