Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garden Fairy

This is a painting of Jenny, the Garden Fairy, making all the flowers grow in Grampa Frank’s garden. The focus of the poem is the growth of the inner person, just as the flowers show growth.

Scene: In my painting, I am the sunflower growing tall. The butterflies just above the sunflower are my rays of light (spirit) spreading to others. Jenny is the garden fairy. She hovers on a heavenly cloud above all the flowers, appreciating their beauty and helping them grow through her simple faith (She is a child of God filled with the holy spirit – a shining example of what faith can produce). God is the sun and the light and the way; for through him, all things grow.

Poem: "A Ray of Sunshine"
The "Ray of Sunshine" is the inner spirit or your holy spirit within. It was "planted" there by an act of kindness someone else showed to you. Their act of kindness is just like when flowers spread their seeds which fall everywhere: Some of the seeds don’t make it, but some of them grow to be beautiful flowers themselves. The spirit has trouble growing when it is kept hidden – that’s when your fear holds you back. It needs the light (God’s love). Flowers grow with water just like your spirit grows in troubled times when you turn to God for help (that’s when your tears water it). Once you get past all that, it is like the flower which breaks through the ground and emerges for the first time (that’s the breath of fresh air and change). Still, the flower is new and fragile. It needs help from time to time until it reaches its peak of glory - That’s when now the flower can be the beacon for others; planting seeds of its own which will someday grow into other beautiful flowers.

Spirit of the Butterfly Series - Grampa Frank’s Garden is a magical place that all the children are drawn to.