Saturday, August 13, 2011

Elements of Life

Elements - This painting represents The Five Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Spirit (Heart).

Scene:  In this painting, I have "translated" the themes of the Five Elements and used them in my poem to reflect "Emotions." The green serpent in the lower right creates "tears" (water) which is sorrow creating the river. God’s Rainbow (his promise to us) holds the serpent at bay with a rainbow bridge for people to get past (and the bridge becomes bars like a jail holding down the serpent). The rainbow represents Faith (Spirit) ("For whoever believes in me shall not die"). The "tree" is the hand of God holding fire (like the burning bush). He is the "Light" in my poem (because "God is the light and the way"). Music notes in the tree shows that God gives us our talents to share with all. The swirls at the top are the Wind (which is "Hope" in my poem). It blows away the bad and refreshes with the good. It creates the ripples in the water to remove the tears. The Rose is "Love" (Heart) lifted high because it came from the Earth but now transcends toward the Sun (God) in heaven. ("Return to God what is God’s.") Music symbols are in the calm waters because they calm the soul. The reeds at the bottom are God’s people (growing through their emotions).

Poem: "Elements of Life
Music fills your Soul
with Tears, Hope, Light, Heart and Faith.
Life’s emotions, shared.

Poem - The poem is designed to comfort through the sharing of music, art & poetry; sharing our emotions with each other through these mediums is what connects us all to each other.

Phoenix Rising Dream Series - The expression of life’s emotions is what sparks our dreams.