Monday, August 15, 2011


Inspiration: Like exploring the planets, this painting and poem explore the mysteries of our own inner world through the sounds we remember and then replay in our own minds. They are merely an echo of what we have heard, yet they are just as powerful as the original as we let them drift into our daily lives, changing our moods and behaviors.

Scene: This painting is from the view point of God, above the Earth. God is the sun. The stars are all his angels, balls of light, shining for us to see and draw strength from. In the painting, the sounds come from Earth and spread outward through the stars where the Angels are. The Earth is surrounded by clouds because the people on Earth cannot see all this. They cannot behold this beauty yet. Their view is clouded. The lines in the lower right are the sound waves created by all the voices, spreading now throughout the heavens, God’s kingdom never ending. In the upper right is a shadow planet. Like the Holy Spirit itself, it is a mystery, God’s mystery. Why is it there? What does it mean? We do not know. We may never know. You do not see things the way God sees things. Our perspective is so small in comparison to His. The moon is our hope. It shines brightly for us each night. It tries to draw our attention to the heavens with its ever changing faces so we can look up. Like a flashlight pointing us in His direction. God wants us to see him. He wants to share this glory with us. That is His deepest desire. That is His love for us.

My mind is filled with sounds of your singing.
Your laughter echoes and makes me smile,
Infinitely replaying throughout time and space.

Poem: "Echoes" - When you are reminded of the sounds of your loved ones who have died (like them singing a song), you are so joyful at that memory that it makes you want to sing as well, even though it is only an echo of their voice now. You can even hear them laugh; you will never forget their laugh. You cannot help but smile with these thoughts. You can draw on them at any time, infinitely, because those memories of them are always there for you. Nothing can take that away from you. They are still there; up in the heavens where time doesn’t matter and space is forever.

Phoenix Rising Dream Series - This poem and painting celebrates your inner motivation through sound and memories. Like a battle cry, you are called to action...moving ever forward toward your dreams.