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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Cabin - New Paris, PA

This is a painting of "The Cabin" owed by Reynold's brother, Steven. It is over 100 years old and has been renovated several times. Just 30 minutes from historic Bedford, PA, we stay here for our family vacations. It is a true "work in progress" including the many murals we have painted on the walls over the years.

Steven's Barn - New Paris, PA

This is a painting of my husband's brother's barn in New Paris, PA. It sits on an old farm (affectionately named "Jake's Run" after the family dog) with over 20 acres of land in the panoramic Pennsylvania mountains.

South Lake Tahoe

My mother owned a house in Zephyr Cove in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. We would go there for family vacations over the Christmas holiday break.

Emerald Bay - South Lake Tahoe

Heaven on Earth - This is one of my favorite places on earth. My husband, Reynold, and I would take side trips to Emerald Bay whenever we visited South Lake Tahoe on family vacations.

Grandma's Gravy

This second kitchen painting was also created from a staged photo of items we use to make Grandma's "Gravy" for our favorite Sunday Italian dinner - Pasta with meat sauce.

Wine and Cheese

I wanted to buy prints for our newly remodeled kitchen, but couldn't find any I liked. So, I created this painting using photos I staged from items we use every day.


This is a painting that Jenny asked me to paint from a picture that a friend e-mailed us. Jenny enjoyed looking at all the photos from his cross country trip. I was excited to show her pictures of the Grand Canyon since she had never seen it before. But the picture that interesed her the most was this one of Canyonlands.

The Lollipop - Wrightsville Beach, NC

This is a view from my mother's back yard of a cove called "The Lollipop" on the sound side of Wrightsville Beach. I gave the painting to my mother for Christmas.

Poem:  "The Magical House" is part of my Family Series poems:  This poem is written from the perspective of the grandchildren who gather and play at the family home where they are free to explore and create anything they can imagine.

June's Family's Church - Weyman Methodist Church

I painted this church for a friend of mine to give to her mother for a birthday present. Her family maintains this small church in Riegelwood, North Carolina.

1st Baptist Church - Elkin, NC

I painted this picture for a friend of mine whose family lived in Elkin, NC when she was growing up and were involved with the church there.

Horseshoe Curve - Altoona, PA

I bought a postcard of Horsehoe Curve at the Altoona Railroaders Museum when we went there on a family vacation. This painting was based on that picture.

Lake at Shawnee State Park in PA

I painted this Lake scene from photos I took while on vacation in Pennsylvania. We went swimming in the lake at Shawnee State Park - 10 miles from Bedford, PA.

NC State Bell Tower, Raleigh, NC

The NC State Bell Tower was the second one I painted for my husband, Reynold. Our daughter, Christina, attended college at NCSU.

(sorry, this print not available for sale or distribution).

UNC Bell Tower, Chapel Hill, NC

My husband, Reynold, asked me to paint two college bell towers for his office. The first one is the Carolina Bell Tower in Chapel Hill where our daughter, Lana, went to college.

(sorry, this print not available for sale or distribution).

Jenny's Castle

I painted this castle for my daughter, Jenny. It is based on Cinderella's Castle in Disney World. Her Godmother, Deanna, helped us pick colors. Jenny painted the flowers and some of the pink parts of the castle. I also had this print made into a puzzle and some playing cards for Jenny's Christmas present.

(sorry, this print not available for sale or distribution).


I painted this beach scene for a friend of mine. We are so lucky to live near the beach where a walk along the shore can do wonders for you.

Augusta National Golf Club, The Masters

My husband, Reynold, went on a golf trip to watch The Masters in Augusta, GA. He brought back many pictures of the golf course at Augusta National Golf Club. I choose one of those pictures to use for this panting which I gave him for a wedding anniversary present.

(sorry, this print not available for sale or distribution).

Jenny's Flowers

When my daughter, Jenny, was 2, she loved to look at flowers wherever we went. I would take pictures of them for her. I made a collage from some of those pictures and then used that to base this painting on.

"A Flower's Bloom"
A flower blooms but once
and then is gone,
but for those who have truly experienced its beauty,
it forever remains within us.
Poem & Painting are for my "Angels" series for Hospice fundraiser in memory of my grandmother, Atlanta King Taylor.

Winged Horse from the Outer Banks

On one of our family trips to the Outer Banks, we saw the Winged Horses on display celebrating 100 years of flight. I was so inspired by them that I wanted to paint one too. I chose scenes from the many places we visited in the OBX over the years. This is one of my favorite paintings.

Aunt Carol's House

I had to do a second painting for my Aunt Carol since my dad took the first painting from her. I asked her what was her favorite place on earth. She said it was the house where she raised her boys. She sent me a picture from the real estate company who sold it, and I painted from that.

Cape Fear Waterfront, Wilmington, NC

After showing my Aunt Carol pictures of the mural painting we did at the cabin in PA, she asked me to paint something for her. I thought she might enjoy a scene from Wilmington since she lived in Kansas City, so I painted a view of Wilmington from the banks of the Cape Fear River. When she showed the picture to my dad, he asked if he could have it. My dad now has this painting hanging in his office.

Covered Bridge in Bedford, PA

This was my first painting ever. My daughter, Lana, wanted to enter the "Family" Art Show at her school, Cape Fear Academy. Another family member had to submit an art piece with her. I agreed to paint something and got a few tips from my sister, Teresa, who graduated from UNCW with an art degree. I chose Colvin's Covered Bridge from some photos I took on our family trips to Bedford, PA. We later painted this same scene in a large mural at the cabin owned by my husband's brother. Both my daughter, Lana, and my daughter, Christina, helped with the mural.